Blockchain technology for the injustice of the world to zero.



At this Lab we advocate the development of block chain technology and perform consulting and financing for companies and entrepreneurs regarding the drafting of white papers, introduction and guidance for block chain technology, ICO token sales, market marketing, listing on virtual currency exchanges, etc.
Our Lab selects ICOs to handle from those presented to us very carefully, conducting and consult from the initial stages. By carefully examining the technological aspects and planning before helping to place them on the market, we have earned trust and support in a variety of fields as a source of safe and accurate information.
Advancements in block chain technology will weed out all of the crime and fraud in the future, becoming a steady step toward the realization of a safe society without losing the current convenience.
We will go forward together with all the Lab members working on the discovery and cultivation of the next generation of companies and services toward a future created by block chains.

Consulting Results of ARGUS CRYPTO Lab.

Our Lab is involved in a wide variety of virtual currency distribution, from major to minor currencies.
In the future, as new virtual currencies are listed, it can be said that the Lab members will have the privilege to obtain them quickly.


By becoming a member of our Lab, you will be granted the right to participate in special closed pre-sales.
Currently, when speaking of information regarding virtual currencies, there is not only simply wrong information but also widespread flat-out lies, baseless assertions, abetting, etc.
Regarding the ICOs which are created around the world, white papers which are issued by the responsible organizations and the evidence of related people are important.
Regarding ICOs that we introduce, because our Lab conducts consulting from the outset, there is no question whether the information is trustworthy or not. Our members, who have access to reliable information, create enormous assets by obtaining excess profit from ICOs.

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

Membership in our Lab is by invitation only.
If you do not have a referral by a current member, we will have a person who has created assets at our Lab send you an invitation.